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Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

Don' Have the capital to invest at this present moment, but the project makes sense?  We give our customers the option to lease the project from us through a capital lease to pay for the project over 36, 48 or even 60 months.  At the end of the lease, you simply buy the project outright for $1.00.  We aim to get your monthly savings to be greater than your monthly lease payment.  Therefore, you have no money out of pocket, and your monthly cash flow is positive from day one.

179 Depreciation

Under current tax laws in the U.S, you can write off the entire project cost at an accelerated depreciation, therefore claming the entire project cost as a tax deduction in year 1.  That means if you are at the 35% tax bracket, you will get a 35% tax credit based on the actual project cost to complete the project this year.  We always advise you to speak with your Certified Professional Accountant regarding this program.

Example Lease Option

Manufacturing Facility

Total Project Cost = $100,000

Incentive = $50,000

Final Customer Cost = $50,000

Monthly $ Savings = $3,928.97

Payback = 1.0 Years

Annual ROI% = 100%

Leasing Option - 60 Months - $100,000

Monthly Payment - $2,000

Monthly Savings - $3,928.97

Net Monthly Cash Flow - $1,928.97 for 5 Years

10 Year Savings - $367,000

Income Generated - $50,000

Tax Credit - $35,000

Money Out of Pocket - $0.00

In the example above, our customer decided to lease the project rather than paying for the project up front.  In doing so, they are saving over $25,000 annualy for the first five years, and they will save upwards of $350,000 over the 10 year project lifecycle. In addition to this, they received the $50,000 incentive check as income, and received an approximate $35,000 tax credit by using the 2018 - 179 Depreciation.  The customer never paid a penny for this project, and realized huge savings, additional income, and was able to take advantage of huge tax savings.

Call us today to see if we can provide a project to you, for NO money out of pocket!
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